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Merkinch is one of the oldest parts of Inverness and the home of many families for generations. Despite the strong sense of community, this area is now classified by the government as the 8th most deprived area in Scotland.1 The needs are complex, and we believe the gospel is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”(Rom 1:12). So we want to be a local church bringing the hope of Jesus to our scheme. 


We would ask you to pray with us and for us. In the New Testament, prayer is the activity most urged in promoting the gospel.2 Jesus said that apart from him we can do nothing, and prayer commits all our nothingness to his divine sufficiency.

1 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2020

2 John Dickson, The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission (Zondervan, 2010), 72



In light of the model described in the New Testament, we ask God to provide partners with us in this Kingdom work. We are looking for individuals and churches who want to "hold the ropes" for us through prayer, mobilisation, finances, or service.3 Whatever the form, we desire to build strong relationships with those God gives to labour with us.


We want to know you as brothers, sisters, and church families. We desire to pray for you and be a mutual encouragement in ministry together.


We would love to host you and allow our congregation to build a true partnership with you.



William Carey, in a letter to Andrew Fuller



The day-to-day functioning of our church plant requires the financial partnership of Christian individuals and churches in order for the gospel to advance in our scheme.

We often describe church planting like nurturing a child. Right now we are in our infancy and therefore very needy. It is our prayer to grow into a healthy, financially independent church. In an impoverished context like the schemes, this may take decades. So we must certainly depend on God's provision, which includes the committed partnerships of other believers.



Mez McconnelL

Director, 20schemes

Director, Acts29 Church in Hard Places

Pastor, Niddrie Community Church


It's my great pleasure to endorse the ministry of Chris and his work in the Merkinch and South Kessock. Where he is attempting to plant is one of the toughest areas in the whole of Scotland. If you are reading this and looking to support a solid, presbyterian church planting ministry among the poor, then look no further. Get your hand in your pocket and help the work out. Better yet, sell all you have, apply to 20schemes and come and help him in this difficult, but rewarding ministry.

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